Bar ducts

Low tension

Main uses

  • Link between transformer and low voltage distribution panel
  • Link between generators and low voltage distribution panel
  • Transformers // Oven electrode

Our HIGHLY RATED LOW VOLTAGE BUSDUCT are customized to facilitate the on site assembly, and adapted to every environment. Every project is the object of an in-depth study so that the best technical and commercial solution is proposed.

Main Features


  • Materials : Aluminum or copper
  • Shape : flat or "U"
  • Insulation : without casing, paint, thermo retractable sheat



  • Materials : Aluminum or galvanized
  • Shape : rectangular (IP 31 to IP 55)
  • Protection : film, epoxy paint
  • Internal temperature regulation

High tension

Main uses

  • Hydraulic power stations
  • Thermal power stations
  • Co-generation

The conductors in this type of busduct are of flat type or « U », in aluminum or copper. The conductor insulation can be done with the air (IP31 to IP55) or with cast resin (IP66). This type of busduct can be NSPB (non segregated phase bus) or SPB (segregated phase bus).

Main Features


  • Materials : Aluminum or copper
  • Shape : flat or "U"
  • Insulation : without casing, paint, thermo retractable sheat



  • Materials : Aluminum or galvanized
  • Shape : rectangular (IP 31 to IP 55, 66 in resin)
  • Protection: film, epoxy paint (RAL to be defined)
  • Internal temperature regulation

Special connections

Main uses

  •  Cubicle connections
  • Phase crossing
  • Connecting on special connections

The high power connections are known to be high risk areas. The magnetic "parasiting" as well as the fastening torques are two critical issues to be considered very carefully. With our modeling software, we can maximize the quality of our products.

Customers requirements are always very specific and differ from each other. This is why we can bring custom taylored answers :


  • Materials : Aluminum or copper
  • Shape : flats, flexible bars, braids, cables ...
  • Insulation : without casing, paint, thermo retractable sheat


  • Type : Casing, bellow
  • Material : Aluminum, fiber, poly carbonate...
  • Shape : To be defined from IP31 to IP55, 68 on file
  • Protection : Film, epoxy paint, grid

Switch / Breaker

Main uses

  • Sectioning
  • By-pass
  • Normal – Safety
  • Commutation

We can integrate into our busbars different electric equipments. These boxes are totally customized. They allow to cut or / and to distribute a power supply on several different units. Switches or disconnecting switches can be remotely piloted (control desk) or in a manual way.

Main Features

Switch / disconnector

  • Power : 1000 A < In < 50000 A
  • Voltage : LV or HV
  • Load : Threephase, singlephase, singlepole, direct current


  • Materials : aluminium or tinned copper or copper
  • Form : flat
  • Insulation : without casing, paint, thermo retractable sheat



  • Material : aluminium
  • International Protection rating : 31 to 55
  • Protection : film, epoxy paint
  • Regulation of the internal temperature (eliminate the phenomena of condensation)

Other products

Extra flexible silicone cable

  • Electrode termination
  • Flexible link

Used for connection on the transformer, busduct, etc... and specialy for electrodes in glass furnace.

The high flexibility of this product allow a very easy and fast setting up.

This cable is used in the most Glass industry, in France or abroad, to connect the Amppelec busbars to the furnace electrodes.

Ce produit est utilisé dans la plupart des verreries, en France comme à l’étranger, pour raccorder les Gaines à Barres Amppelec sur les électrodes des fours.

Electrode connector

This product is used in a large number of glass factories throughout the world to link the flexible connections with the electrodes of furnaces.

We can also propose you special connections for the connecting of power on specific machines.

Retention tanks


A fire-stop is necessary when a busduct undergoes a change of place (by crossing a wall), of level (by crossing a floor), of pressure or of climatic conditions.

All our fire-stop are in accordance with the requirements of the standards CIS 60439-1 and CIS 60439-2 and achieve a 2-hour fire resistance rating.


Element of protection, the bellows provides the connexion between a transformer (or a generator) and the busduct.

It allows to absorb vibrations in all directions.

Flexible endings

Connexions on transformers are not allowed in hard endings (stiff ending).

Flexible ending allow absorbing vibrations of the transformer and avoid to damage low-voltage terminal.

Elles permettent également un montage plus facile et donc plus rapide.

Adjustable box

The Adjustable boxes are elements of protection allowing the connexion between the low voltage electrical panel (TGBT) and the busduct.

Ending braid

Connexions with a generator only have to be done with braids.

They are the only elements that can absorb vibrations in all directions.


Enclosure in only one piece, allowing direction changes, elbow 90°, horizontal or vertical.


Études électromagnétiques

The distribution of currents in parallel conductors is a point to which AMPPELEC pays particular attention.

With our computer tools, we can model all the electromagnetic phenomena and have a sectional representation of the induction, distribution of the magnetic flux, distribution of the power and the currents.

The advantage will be a distribution with an optimal yield by reducing to a strict minimum the overheating.

After sales service

On-site measurement - Revision - Repair - Maintenance of bar ducts

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